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I am Tünde Méhn, Hungarian and international PMU specialist and trainer, cosmetician, founder and leading instructor of Tünde Méhn PMU Art School, distributor of NPM, LaBina and Onyx brands, developer and distributor of ROSA Herbal Skin Care® for PMU & Microblading & Tattoo and owner of Méhn Tünde Beauty Salon.
In addition to the development and application of different permanent make-up technologies, I have another great passion: health conscious, highly effective natural and organic cosmetics that are free of harmful materials.

Discovering and using real, natural ingredients for beautiful and healthy skin!

This commitment and aspiration brought to life the ROSA Herbal Skin Care®
for PMU & Microblading & Tattoo product family.

What is the justification of this product family?

Where did the idea, vision, determination and implementation come from?
I have been observing my work over the years, for those guests whose skin is in good condition, either inherently or because they regularly treat themselves with good active ingredients, the tattooing process is not so unpleasant, the healing process is quicker and smoother and their tattoos will be much more beautiful after healing.
The aforementioned factors naturally influence the durability of the colors in the depths of the skin.

The period of experimentation

I had been experimenting with various creams, balms, and various active ingredients for years I order to achieve nicer, better results. I always had different ideas for and high expectations of these cosmetic products. At that time I decided to create skin care products especially designed for PMU and tattoo according to my ideas, from the best and most effective ingredients.

The result

I found out how different active ingredients affect the skin, how they positively influence the tattoo. I needed natural ingredients that quickly, in a few minutes bring the skin into a condition in which it receives and retains the pigments easily, without resistance, ingredients that optimize the healing process.
This is what ROSA Herbal Skin Care® knows.


There are many internal and external factors involved: skin type, skin color and tone, skin problems, skin diseases, skin injuries, hormonal status, female cycle, climax, age, health status, medication, stress, skin care habits, environmental influences, the harmful effects of UV A/B rays, harmful effects of work (contaminated air, grease, dust ...), climatic characteristics of the residence (mist, rain, wind, sun) and last but not least observing the rules of after care. It can be seen from the above that there are many negative effects on the skin and we need to do something about it so that the tattoo turns out as good as possible!


During the period of long experimentation, the most effective ingredient combinations and recipes were created. Then, under perfect hygienic conditions, in accordance with strict rules, under laboratory conditions, in the summer of 2017, the manufacturing process started.

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