Appearance of allergy in cosmetics

How do you know it is allergy?
Allergic contact dermatitis or contact eczema:

In cosmetics the most often appearing, but also very common skin issue, is the late type allergic reaction. As the name shows, the skin gets in contact directly with the allergen and an itchy skin inflammation occurs. The reaction appears in every case when the skin in contact with the allergen. Things and materials causing allergic reactions tipically are certain plants, cosmetics, makeup, preservatives, metals (nickel, chromium), paints, colourants, scents, chemicals.
What cosmetics should You avoid?

It is hard to tell what you should avoid exactly as many things can cause allergic reactions. If we have a new client or we are doing a new treatment on a returning client, they should be asked on every substance or ingredient to find out about sensitivity or allergy. Even a sun allergy can be a serious issue.
Products from unknown origin or with strong allergen ingredients must not be used in a cosmetic shop!
It can happen that someone shows allergic reactions to a completely harmless, but very effective and high quality ingredient.
If you want to treat the skin right avoid the following ingredients:

· Paraffin
· Petrolatum
· Vaselin
· Mineral Oil
· Ceresin
· Microcristallina wax
· Polyisobutane
· Polydecene
These ingredients can be found in hand creams, body lotion and even vaselin! You must not use vaselin on PMU! It is a petroleum product that closes pores, prevent hydration and the breathing of the skin, using it for too long stops natural skin functions!
As the skin gets irritated during PMU, it is very important to take good care of it even in the post-procedural period! The skin need to calm down and start the healing process itself. PMU Artists must tell the client the required rules for after care including mechanical damage, picking, scraping or rubbing the fresh PMU as these can disrupt the recovery process, the pigments might not build in perfectly and the PMU will not look aesthetically pleasing.
Discover ROSA, your ultimate skincare solution meticulously crafted to pamper your skin the right way. Our products are formulated with care, excluding harmful ingredients like paraffin, petrolatum, vaselin, mineral oil, ceresin, microcristallina wax, polyisobutane, and polydecene. With ROSA, you can trust that your skin receives the love and attention it deserves, without compromising on quality or safety.
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