Basic rules for PMU skin care

PMU Artists must follow the following steps
PMU Artists must follow the following steps for a quick, painless PMU procedure and perfect result and they must tell the clients the most important rules to follow for the perfect and long lasting result.
1. Clean the skin from daily pollution and makeup! Cleaning the skin does not equal to disinfecting the skin!

2. Disinfect the skin with a full spectrum skin disinfecting solution (Octonisept, Clarasept-derm)

3. Support skin hydration durng the procedure and even after. In almost every age the skin suffers from surface dehydration that you need to restore with the Green Soap and White Soap Concentrates, the Booster Balm and Oil Gel, the Fixing Serum and the After Care products
5. The complete nourishing of the skin with active ingredients

6. Always clean the skin from the excess paint. You will see the pigments in the skin and the pigmentation so far in the procedure.

7. Keep the skin elastic. The skin needs to stay elastic for the quicker PMU procedure. The Pigment Booster Balm and Oil Gel will help in this.

8. Close the microscopic holes along the needle stabs. The PMU leaves a wound in the skin that must be treated to support a better, bacteria and pollution free healing. Use Fixing Serum for this.
10. Support the perfect healing process and protect the skin from pollution. The skin needs to stay hydrated and nourished. Use the After Care products to support the quick healing.

11. Protect the skin from mechanical injuries for 2 weeks. The client must not scrape or scratch the fresh PMU.

12. Fresh PMU must be kept away from direct sunlight or UV light. After the final result the PMU must be treated with sun protectors to keep its good quality. Use the ROSA Sunny 15 or Sunny 25 Lipstick for this.
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