Green Soap Concentrate

A balancing skin cleansing
gel which removes pollutants
and make-up residue from
the surface of the skin

White Soap Concentrate

A skin and face cleansing milk with hydrating and nourishing effect

Pigment Booster® Balm

A special balm that accelerates the implantation of pigments

Pigment Booster® Oilgel

A special oilgel
that accelerates
the implantation of

Fixing Serum

A special astringent serum that prevents serum, tissue fluid and pigment leakage after tattooing

After Care Balm

An after care balm for fresh eyebrow and lip PMU in a cream jar and in lipstick form


A soft cream especially developed for the after care of eyeliner PMU

HFS after care

A mattifying after care balm especially developed for scalp pigmentation