Essential partner in PMU

In just 5 minutes it restores the skin’s optimal structure
ROSA Herbal TATTOO Care® is a 100% natural skin care product family for every step of the PMU procedure. ROSA Herbal TATTOO Care® is the No.1 product family in the world for the complete before, during and after care in PMU, body tattooing and microblading. The products’ ingredients bring the skin in a condition that it will accept and keep the PMU pigments perfectly and optimize the healing process.
The ROSA products bring the skin in the perfect condition for PMU in just 5 minutes. They restore the skin’s optimal structure and prepare the skin for the tattooing procedure.

The ROSA products maximize the final result of PMU. As PMU artists we can reach a much better and longer lasting result with a much quiker procedure. The skin’s optimal structure will help the PMU procedure be quicker and more effective.
1. Clean the skin
Clean the skin before, during and after the PMU treatment. Pour a little amount of Green or White Soap Concentrate on wet cotton pad or wiping tissue, then wipe the skin to be cleaned. It soothes the skin and restores its optimal structure in just 5 minutes. It does not replace skin disinfection solution.
2. Treat the skin during pigmentation
During pigmentation apply Pigment Booster Balm or OilGel several times on the tattooed skin and the area around it. Due to its components, it quickly absorbs, keeps the skin elastic and free from micro injuries, so the needle does not damage the skin. It also helps the skin accept and keep the pigments. Before continuing the work, gently wipe off the balm left on the surface of the skin.
3. Fixate the skin and the pigments
It is especially recommended for eyebrows and lips permanent make-up and body tattoos to use the Fixing Serum. After tattooing when cleansing and disinfecting the skin, apply a thin layer on the fresh tattoo. It closes the tattooed channels and the pigments in the skin. Do not wipe it off, let it absorb and work. Do not use it on the eyelids, because it can burn the eyes, on this sensitive area it is recommended to use the Eyeliner After Care cream.
4. After care
Apply the After Care balm on the tattoo several times during the day, for 7-10 days. First softly clean the surface of the tattoo with a wet cotton pad, so that the leaking tissue liquid does not get dry on it, then apply the after care balm. Apply a thin layer of it, so as not to cause „sauna effect” on the fresh tattoo. The tattoo must not get dry, because the dry scabs can pull the pigments out of the skin. Check every 3-4 hours if there is enough balm on the tattoo.
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