Factors affecting PMU

The condition and quality of our skin largely determine the result of PMU
Our client’s skin type determines the procedure of PMU, the healing process and appearance of the final colour. In case of a good quality skin type PMU is much easier, quicker, the procedure is less painful, the healing is less complicated and the result is more perfect!
PMU Aritists should find the right way with the different skin issues to create the best possible PMU.
Skin types and their dysfunctions determine the colour of the skin and the colour of the PMU.
Skin condition affect the process of PMU and the final result.

The skin has 3 main layers:
· Epidermis
· Dermis
· Hypodermis

- circular processes
- ceratogenous processes
- pigmentation abnormalities
- surface or deep tissue dehydration.
We can divide the skin affecting factors into three main groups:
1. External factors, environmental effects
2. Internal factors, the health status of the organism
3. Hereditary factors

1. Environment, climate
2. Harms from the workplace
3. Skin care habits
4. UV rays
5. Mechanical effects, damages
6. Professional permanent makeup 7. The quality of the pigments, machines and needles
8. Hygienic conditions of the tattooing
9. Skin care before, during and after the tattooing
10. Observing the after care rules

1. Age
2. Lifestyle
3. Hormonal condition
4. Health condition of the organisms
5. Illnesses, taking pills
6. Operating of the skin functions
7. Abnormal processes in the body and the skin
8. Factors of the inner ages
9. The unique characters of the skin
10. Acquired skin problems, skin diseases
11. Eating habits
12. Stress

1. The types of the skin, the size of the pores
2. The colour, the shade and the tone of the skin
3. Taint for diseases
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