Green Soap Concentrate 150ml

Skin cleansing gel which removes pigment quickly from the oily skin.

Tailored for oily skin, this cleansing gel efficiently eliminates pollutants, makeup, and pigment residue from the skin. It aids in preventing inflammation and promotes the wound healing process. During PMU pigmentation, it facilitates the swift and gentle removal of pigment, ensuring optimal results.




Skin cleansing gel which removes pollutants, make-up and pigment residue from the skin. It has hydrating, balancing and calming effect. Recommended to use in case of oily skin and for PMU specialists before, during and after PMU treatment for cleaning the skin without causing irritation. It can help avoid inflammation and support the wound healing process. While doing PMU, body tattoo or scalp pigmentation it allows removing excess pigment quickly and gently. 100% natural cosmetics, contains only natural, vegetable ingredients.

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