White Soap Concentrate 150ml

Soft and gentle cleansing milk which removes pigment specifically for sensitive skin.

Recommended for sensitive and dry skin, this cleansing milk provides hydration and nourishment, preparing the skin before a PMU procedure. It's also ideal for removing pigment during the process, especially gentle for eyeliner PMU treatment.




Cleansing milk with hydrating and nourishing effect for removing make-up, foundation and for cleaning the skin on the face. It is gentle and thorough, it easily dissolves the materials of mascara, blusher and foundation, it does not irritate or burn the eyes, does not cause blurred vision. It is also recommended for PMU specialist to use before, during and after PMU treatment to clean the skin without causing irritation. Use this soft and gentle product specifically during eyeliner PMU treatment to remove excess pigment. 100% natural cosmetics, contains only natural, vegetable ingredients.


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